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Here's My Cake and Gifts For Suzy #PledgeYourBirthday Campaign has ended with S$580 raised
Tax deductible receipt issued for donations > $10

Are you having your birthday in December and would like to do something meaningful?

How about sharing your birthday cake and gifts to make a difference to the lives of over 700 children and adults with cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities?

Rally your friends to donate to our cause on your birthday!

Even if it is not your birthday, do feel free to donate as a gift to CPAS on behalf of all December Babies!

If you are keen, you can even run your very own online fundraising campaign! Please write to Donate@cpas.org.sg to find out how you can do so!

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS) has started a #PledgeYourBirthday campaign for donors to support Suzy, the Singaporean Icon that represents a girl with cerebral palsy. You may recognise her as she has been placed islandwide at various retail locations since 1984.

Join Suzy in her mission to help children and adults with cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities.

Did you know? Cerebral Palsy is a lifelong and non-curable condition? It is caused by illness or injury to the brain before or during birth, or early in life. Persons living with cerebral palsy often face limitations in their motor functioning, muscle control and may also lose associated functioning in common areas such as speech and hearing.

Thank you for making a difference! Here's wishing all December Babies a Happy Birthday!

Donations will go to
Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore
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