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Thank You For Helping Us Feed Them
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One protein. Two vegetables.

For many of these older folks hidden within our neighbourhoods, a bowl of rice and vegetables is considered a luxurious meal to them.

Which is why, I think you can begin to imagine the smile shooting across their faces whenever they receive a warm packet of rice with one protein and two vegetables from the team at FREE FOOD FOR ALL.

This heart-warming team of individuals have dedicated their time and resources to buy ingredients, cook, pack, and deliver them to the often neglected less fortunate individuals living here in Singapore.

Poor souls who have been abandoned (or discarded) by their friends and family.

Many of which are barely scrapping by on social assistance and their depleted savings.

That's why FREE FOOD FOR ALL has been working hard over the last few years to give these folks something decent. Something tasty. Something warm.

A simple meal consisting of rice with one protein and two vegetables.

Sure, this might not seem like much to most of us… but to them, it is easily the best meal they have had all week.

After all… it definitely beats nibbling on biscuits, buns, and almost expired food cans. But that's all they have to fight against the dreadful feeling of hunger lingering amidst their empty bellies.

But that's where you can make a difference!

You see, unfortunately, recruiting volunteers to prepare, cook, and deliver food just isn't enough. At least not with the escalating cost of living in Singapore.

Ingredients cost money. The brown paper packaging costs money. And the entire delivery process costs money.

Worse… it quickly adds up and very soon, their noble deed becomes an expensive affair.

Instead with your help, we can help the team at FREE FOOD FOR ALL, persevere in their mission and perhaps do much more.

All we're asking for is a small donation of $3.50 or any amount you're comfortable donating. 

Because with your generousity, we can buy at least one of them a decent dinner this evening.

It may seem like a meagre thing to us, but this small act means the world to them…

A rewarding meal packed with one protein and two vegetables.

So, on behalf of the team, we thank you for your generous contribution, and for helping to feed these poor souls today.

The Team Behind Free Food for All (FFFA)

FREE FOOD FOR ALL was launched on 4 Nov 2014 when they started to distribute food twice weekly at the Darul Aman Mosque. Their first distribution consisted of 200 packets of nasi lemak, 200 pcs of otah and 40 kg of bananas. This effort soon spread to other communities in various parts of Singapore.

Within three months of their first distribution, FREE FOOD FOR ALL Limited was incorporated (4 Feb 2015), and two months later, they obtained their charity status on 11 Jun 2015.

Today FREE FOOD FOR ALL delivers an average of 500 free meals every day across the entire spectrum of communities in Singapore.

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Free Food For All Limited
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